Manny Pacquiao retires from boxing

Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao has announced his retirement from the sport.  The eight weight division boxer who held 12 world championships across four decades, took twitter on Tuesday to make the announcement, thanking his fans for their support over the years. “To the greatest fans and the greatest sport in the world, thank you,” PacquiaoContinue reading “Manny Pacquiao retires from boxing”

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. ends in a draw

The 8-round exhibition fight between Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. on Saturday ended in a draw. Fifteen years after retiring, the former heavyweight champion squared off against fellow boxing legend Jones Jr. for a fight titled “Frontline Battle.” The World Boxing Council (WBC) supported, commemorated and scored the four-hour live event at the Staples Center inContinue reading “Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. ends in a draw”

Sporting camps round-up

Sporting summer camps around the island have finished up as students get set for school next week. From football to rugby and boxing self-defense camps; many kids will be leaving this summer with a few new skills in their arsenal. Football FC International were amoung many local organizations holding camps this year. Camp Technical DirectorContinue reading “Sporting camps round-up”

Boxing events to punch in soon

Regulations to allow contact sports resumed Sunday (July 19) as the Cayman Islands government continues to ease COVID-19 restrictions. The government listed it’s new regulations on stating, “Up to 50 spectators may attend sporting events. However, they must maintain a distance of three feet from every other person who is not a member ofContinue reading “Boxing events to punch in soon”