2021 women’s netball rally wraps up

The Cayman Islands Women netball circuit jumped into action over the weekend to open their season with a rally. Four women teams competed in eight game tournament, with All Stars A coming out the winners.   “This is like the opener to the season,” said national netball head coach Lyneth Monteith. “So, this is like aContinue reading “2021 women’s netball rally wraps up”

All Stars wins the overall 2020 Cayman Islands Netball League

Expectations were exceeded after both All Stars A and All Stars B won their final games in the Cayman Islands Netball Association (CINA) League, Saturday (24 October) night at the John Gray High School Gymnasium. “So we had our round robin for the season with eight teams playing off against each other,” CINA’s Lyneth MonteithContinue reading “All Stars wins the overall 2020 Cayman Islands Netball League”

All Stars A continue their reign as league champions

The Cayman Islands Netball Association women open league championship finals was held at the John Gray Gymnasium on Saturday (June 29) with two separate championships on the line. The first championship game was set in the Women Open Adult Plate Division between Socialites and Rising Stars B. The match was dominated by Socialites, who defeatedContinue reading “All Stars A continue their reign as league champions”

Sports minister on sporting budget increase

Mr Speaker I am pleased to announce that with support of my colleagues in Cabinet and the Government, I am able to announce an increase in funding to the six focus sports in the Cayman Islands and the addition of two sporting disciplines to the list for increased focus and support by the Government. MrContinue reading “Sports minister on sporting budget increase”

All Stars A scores high against Sky Angels

Expectations were exceeded by All Stars A Thursday (3rd September) evening after they defeated Sky Angels by 48 points. All Stars A, a team stacked with national players dominated the game from the beginning, closing the first quarter 19-4. The youngsters on Sky Angels tried to rally throughout the three remaining quarters but their effortsContinue reading “All Stars A scores high against Sky Angels”


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