2023 Carifta swimming team announced

Two national teams that will be travelling to represent the Cayman Islands for the 2023 CARIFTA Championship next month.  

The Hon. Minister Bernie Bush offered congratulations to both the swimming and track and field teams at the Government building last week as they begin final training and preparations ahead of the games.  

“As you compete and give it your all, remember that you are representing your families and your team but also your Country. Know that the Cayman Islands is watching and waiting to hear of your accomplishments and each success, whether that is a medal or a personal best, because it is an achievement for the Country collectively”, stated the Hon. Minister. 

The Swim Team will compete in Curaçao from 6-10 April 2023 and consists of 54 Athletes.  32 of which will compete in swimming, 19 in artistic and 10 in open water.

Competitive Swimmers

Female 15-17                 Male 15-17

Harper Barrowman         James Allison

Allyson Belfonte         Jordan Lisle

Sofia Bonati                 Danny Kish

Jillian Crooks                 Will Sellars

Lila Higgo                 Dominic Hilton

Teagan Nash                 Tate Marr

Kaitlyn Sullivan         Connor Macdonald

Ava Butler 

Female 13-14                 Male 13-14

Sierrah Broadbelt         Rufus Lovett

Riley Watson                 Dominic Gunn

Reagan Lisle                 Luke Higgo

Eva Oldfield                 Tate Hilton

                                 Jack Terrell

Female 11-12                 Male 11-12

Lucy Butler                 Lev Fahy

Cassidy Coles                 Gabriel Bispath

Francesca Altamura (RT) Chase Watson

Anna Oldfield (RT)         Eli Bain (RT)

Open Water Swimmers 

Girls – 16-18                 Boys 16-18

Teagan Nash                 Dominic Hilton

Maria Westin                   Will Sellars

Ava Butler                 Connor Macdonald

Girls – 14-15                 Boys 14-15

Riley Watson                 Joshua Rose

Felicity Westin                 Jack Terrell

Artistic Swimmers 

12U                            Youth                     Junior

Marisa Miller            Heidi Hayward     Madison Van Duynhoven

Kate Galatopoulos    Riley Skinner     Allie Capasso

Nicole Kazakova    Rayne Euvrard     Valentina Campbell

Lucrezia Scerrati    Reuben Sweetman   Dylan Lynee

Leila Coak            Amelia Travers     Azania Osborne

                                   Georgie Head     Evie Sweetman

                                   Ava Crane     Alexandra Philp

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