Iguanas run riot at rugby championship


The Alex Alexander Rugby Championship 2022/2023 has hit the mid-point mark and it is clear that there is one team ruling the roost. The Tradeview Markets Iguanas have swept all before them so far with emphatic wins, lead admirably by their talismanic fly half Harry Clark.

Clark moves like a bullet train – quick, smooth and always in the right place at the right time. In the first game of Round 1 against the Dillon Eustace Cayman Storm he carved them up like a big old turkey at Christmas. If Clark was the 7.10 out of Shinagawa, Tokyo then the Storm were the British Rail stop/start service to Manchester Piccadilly. It took them ages to get going and they certainly had trouble with their points!

Clark has been more than ably supported by the living breathing Duracell Bunny in the shape and form of Marnus Ehlers. Ehlers seems to play in every position at some point or another and is a shining example to the Iguanas increasingly youthful backline of what it takes to be a big influence on the rugby pitch.

The Queensgate Pigs Trotters saw off the Advance Fire Buccaneers in Round 1 with a convincing 20-0 win to open their season with promise.

This was cut short by Round 2 when they met Clark, Ehlers et al in full flight. The Pigs were butchered in much the same way as the Storm were. Clark scored four tries, umpteen conversions and a penalty but lost the Most Valuable Player Ice Cube to Marnus Ehlers for his omnipresent performance. The Oscar nominated movie “Everything Everywhere All At Once” could have been written about Ehlers. Also notable in that performance was a try for young Clancy Hannon aged 17. In his first season of senior rugby it is always good for a debutant to get his first meat pie under the belt.

Amazingly the Pigs were level at half-time but ill-discipline killed them with two yellow cards reducing them to 14 players for the a lot of the second half.

The Storm bounced back from their first round humping with a spirited 36-14 win over the hapless Buccaneers. The stylish Phil Jacobs has maybe shorn his golden coiffured locks somewhat, but he is still a points machine. In this game he scored 21 out of the 36 in total, including two tries. 

Round 3 saw a much-changed Iguanas side rely on their young guns in the backline. It was Alex Claybourne who assumed the mantle of the absent Clark to take the majority of the points against a depleted Buccs. The Iguanas game is built on a dominant pack of forwards who rabidly hunt the ball and opponent with equal delight.

The Pigs got their second shut-out of the tournament with another 20-0 win, this time against the Storm. 

The Tradeview Market Iguanas sit on top of the table with a maximum 15 points, Queensgate Pigs Trotters are second, Dillon Eustace Cayman Storm in third with one win and bringing up the rear and with plenty of work to do is the Advanced Fire and Plumbing Buccaneers.

Come down to the South Sound Rugby Ground on Saturday 25th February from 1pm to see all the action from Round 4. You are guaranteed good rugby and good hospitality from Cayman Rugby. 

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