Cayman athletes could have a multipurpose aquatic centre by 2025

Although meetings are still ongoing between the Cayman Islands Aquatic Sports Association and the Ministry of Sports, plans to have the long awaited multipurpose aquatic centre by the end of 2025 could become a reality.

In a report from Compass Media by journalist Seaford Russell Jr, CIASA president, Stephen Broadbelt, stated that the multimillion-dollar project is at an advanced stage and could begin by the end of the year. 

The aquatic centre which would feature a 50-metre myrtha pool, a 3,000-seat grandstand and an athlete housing facility, has been in discussion by the government and CIASA since 2003. 

But after two decades, Sports Minister Bernie Bush said that the paperwork is finally being established for work to begin. 

“We have made a commitment to the pool. We are the first government to put money down ($2 million). As early as January…we should have everything signed.” 

However, while the government has their end of the bargain covered, CIASA has changes to make in order for the project to get the greenlight. 

“Prices [are] getting more expensive every year,” Broadbelt said. “We are waiting on some final numbers to reduce the cost of what they call valuable engineering.” 

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