Inaugural champions crowned at Boyz2Men dominoes tournament

Joseph Hydes and Kesly Ebanks were named the inaugural Boyz2Men Fathers/Father Figures and Sons Dominoes’ tournament champions on Monday (November 14).

The Boyz2Men event, which focused on connecting fathers and sons, took place inside the John Gray High School cafeteria with nearly 60 participants.

Current and past students of the Clifton Hunter and John Gray High School Boyz2Men programmes took part along with several other persons from the community showing support by also participating.

“For the first one, it was very encouraging,” Boyz2Men founder Christopher Murray said. “Having this kind of event is a bridge building and it’s unquestionably very meaningful.”

Hydes and Ebanks defeated Chrisjay Murray and brother Chrisslon Murray for first place. Jadon Rankine and Reuben Barnes won third.

The Boyz2Men Fathers/Father Figures and Sons’ Dominoes tournament will be an annual event moving forward according to the programme board members (Christopher Murray, Simon Miller and Seaford Russell Jr).

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