Appleby Under 18 High School Football returns

Following on from the highly competitive and very successful Dart Under 13 high school football leagues, which were completed a few weeks ago, the Appleby Under 18 leagues kicked-off on Wednesday, October 26.

The after-school leagues are played on Wednesdays (girls) and Thursdays (boys) at various venues across the island including the Clifton Hunter High School Fields, Haig Bodden Field in Bodden Town, St. Ignatius Catholic School Field, Annex Field, Academy Field, Truman Bodden Sports Complex and the Camana Bay Sports Complex.

Schools participating in the 2022 Appleby Under 18 leagues include John Gray High School (JGHS), Clifton Hunter High School (CHHS), Triple C, St. Ignatius Catholic High School, Cayman Prep & High School, Cayman Academy and Cayman International School (CIS).

The Under 18 girls opened the 2022 season on October 26 with Triple C and John Gray High School settling for a one-all draw. Other scores from recent games include Cayman Prep 1 vs. CIS Blue 2, CHHS 2 vs. Triple C 1, CIS Blue 3 vs. St. Ignatius Catholic 0, CIS White 1 vs. JGHS 0 and Cayman Prep 3 vs. CHHS 2.

On the boys’ side, Cayman Prep and CIS 1 opened their Under 18 season with a two-all draw. Recent scores include St. Ignatius Catholic 2 vs. JGHS 5, CHHS 3 vs. CIS (1) 0, Cayman Prep 2 vs. Cayman Academy 1 and Triple C 6 vs. CIS (2) 0 (respect rule enforced).

Organisers and sponsors Appleby encourage parents and supporters to come out and cheer on the youngsters as they represent their respective schools and vie for the prestigious Appleby Cup.

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