Cayman’s field hockey team wins memorial trophy in Jamaica

On Saturday 12th November, Cayman Field Hockey sent a squad to Kingston, Jamaica to contest the Alexandra Horner Memorial Trophy, a bi-annual field hockey match played between Cayman- and Jamaica-based teams, returning for the first time since Covid. The day’s format was two warm up matches, followed by the main event. Cayman started well, leadingContinue reading “Cayman’s field hockey team wins memorial trophy in Jamaica”

Appleby Under 18 High School Football returns

Following on from the highly competitive and very successful Dart Under 13 high school football leagues, which were completed a few weeks ago, the Appleby Under 18 leagues kicked-off on Wednesday, October 26. The after-school leagues are played on Wednesdays (girls) and Thursdays (boys) at various venues across the island including the Clifton Hunter HighContinue reading “Appleby Under 18 High School Football returns”