Cayman national athletes geared up for Commonwealth Karate Championships

A team of three martial artists from the Cayman Islands packed their gis and gum-shields, with plans to hit the mat during the 10th Commonwealth Karate Championships in Birmingham, England. 

Cayman resident Zuzana Leitmannova and Caymanians Sarah Hydes and Nick Young will all compete in the Senior Kata Divisions against athletes ranging from 20 nations at the University of Birmingham Sports and Fitness Centre. 

The local team which trains under eighth degree black belt Greg Reid at the Cayman Associated School of Karate-do inside Kings Sport Center, left for England on Saturday (September 3). 

Speaking with the media, Reid noted that he is confident that his athletes will “get on the medal stage” while also admitting that it will be “an uphill battle.” 

The competition will take place on the 7th and 8th of September.

To keep up to date with the competition, visit: 

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