Artex sponsors Cayman Rugby programmes

Cayman Rugby is excited & delighted to announce their sponsorship partnership with Artex. Artex have joined as a partner with Cayman Rugby and will also be the title  sponsor of the Girls rugby afterschool program.

In its first year, the afterschool girls ‘get into rugby’ program was delivered in a number of government and private schools and with the Artex partnership, we will be able to offer the program in more schools and enhance the program with new equipment.   

We are aiming to empower young women through our rugby programs, allowing them to grow in confidence and develop their team work and leadership in a safe environment. 

The after school program provides girls with the opportunity to develop their skills and confidence in rugby beyond regular Physical Education classes and then in make the transition to club rugby and rugby camps if they enjoy themselves. 

The support of Artex & Adrian is vital and will allow us to raise the profile of girl’s & women’s rugby further in all schools in the Cayman Islands. 

The girls that are playing rugby regularly in the Cayman Islands are developing their skills, creating lifelong experiences, and are setting themselves up for potential international representation of the Islands and scholarship opportunities in the UK and US.

Artex sponsorship helps to  open a world of opportunity for young girls in the Cayman Islands to flourish, develop and aspire to be world class rugby players. These girls will get access to better coaching from some top international players along with strength & conditioning and nutritional advice. 

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