Jet Around Cayman returning after 9-year hiatus

Jet ski riders will hit the water this April for the 18th Jet Around Cayman race.

The event which was cancelled back in 2013 is considered to be the Cayman Islands’ biggest water-sports event, with spectators lining the shore along all five districts to witness the race. 

In an article by the Cayman Compass, Mario Rankin, organiser and co-owner of the rights to the race said he was happy to see “such an impactful event” return.

“It left a huge gap in our sporting community,” he said.  

Rankin, noted that the event which has been absent for nine years was brought back with the help of race co-owner, Jason Butcher, Minister Jay Ebanks, Kenneth Bryan, Bernie Bush and several other sponsors.  

“I am happy to see Jet Around Cayman return and I wish it to be a very successful event,” Minister of Sports, Bush said. “I look forward to working with them in the future to meet some of the targets that will be set by the Ministry.” 

A new division will be introduced for new riders, who will all be required to take a short training course with Cayman Islands Watercraft Association.  

The race will take place Easter Monday (April 18) and will once again start and finish at Seven Mile Public Beach, with $25,000 on the line for the winner. 

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