Kehoe standout during CONCACAF Women’s Championship

The Cayman Islands under-20 women’s national football team has advanced to the 2022 CONCACAF Women’s Under-20 Championship.

It comes after they won Group B following two clean sheet victories over Bahamas and Anguilla during the qualifiers in Curacao.

While football is a team sport, Cayman’s striker Molly Kehoe was the highlight reel for both games during the tournament.

Cayman first beat Bahamas 2-0 on Monday, 13 Sept., then defeated Anguilla 3-0 on Friday, 17 Sept; all five goals came from Kehoe who told local media that her performance is owed to her partners.

“I received some good passes from my teammates and took my opportunities and finished,” she said.

It’s those passes and opportunities that allowed the Caymanian women to dominate; a performance head coach Alexander González said was based around discipline.

“To all those who helped to achieve this goal and especially to the players who behaved like true champions, who showed that with discipline and hard work you can achieve goals that seem impossible and once again show that Cayman Islands football can compete [at] big CONCACAF events; thank you all.”

Next up; The CONCACAF Women’s World Cup qualifiers this November where the Cayman Islands senior women will compete. Kehoe is also expected to make an appearance for those matches.

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