Elijah Seymour signs with AFC Dunarea Calarasi

Caymanian footballer Elijah Seymour has signed a single season deal to play with AFC Dunarea Calarasi, a professional team in Romania’s League two.

Seymour, 22, moved from the Cayman Islands to England when he was 15 to play for the Barnet FC academy, and then played for teams in England, Portugal and, more recently, Romania.

The left winger transferred from CS Tunari on 9 July. The move marks the fourth Romanian club for Seymour as he also played for FC Voluntari II and SC Popesti Leordeni.

However, his move to Calarasi marks the first time signing with a pro club – an accomplishment only a handful of Caymanian footballers can claim.

AFC Dunarea Calarasi will kick off their 2021-22 season on Saturday, 31 July, where Seymour is expected to make an appearance

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