Capasso win the Laser North American Championships

Matheo Capasso won the ILCA4 (4.7) class, during the Laser North American Championships on the 14-18 July.

With the victory, Capasso became the first youth sailor representing the Cayman Islands to win the North American Champion.

Cayman’s Matheo Capasso became a NA Champion sailor. Photos: Supplied

Capasso now has three trophies to show since beginning his United States tour along with his sailing 345 squad which includes; Ava Hider, Will Jackson, and Charlotte Webster.

Webster finished the ILCA 4 class as the 2nd girl and 8th overall. Jackson made Gold Fleet in the ILCA 6 class and Hider finished 15th in the Silver Fleet also in IILCA 6 (Radial).

“This is really great for our sport in Cayman,” said Cayman’s sailing club Donna Graham. “We hope to draw a lot of new kids into our competitive sailing program and have representation at the 2024 Olympics.”

The team will close out their tour with two championships. First being the United Kingdom British Laser Championships, from 13-18 Aug, followed by the U21 Laser World Championships, to be held in Poland from 19-27 Aug.

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