Cayman Rugby Union Set For District Outreach

Press release: The districts rugby initiative looks to open up opportunities for young Caymanians to play the sport of rugby across Cayman. This year we started by providing open sessions in various districts such as West Bay, George Town, Bodden Town, and North Side. Based on initial response and attendance we then moved forward with CIS field and Annex field as the two main locations for this year’s training sessions with the Cayman Rugby Club in South Sound being used for game days. 

The tournament days ranged from 2-3 teams per day and offered 2 games per team allowing the players to play with a different team make up each tournament day. Each team was made up of players with a range of experience to ensure maximum growth and competitiveness between teams.

A number of Cayman National VIIs team players volunteered their time to help coach the young teams, both at training and on match days and were excited to see the up-and-coming talent. 

Robbie Cribb National XVs Player, National VIIs Captain & Districts Rugby Coach:
“I got involved with the districts 7s for the love of rugby and the future of rugby here in Cayman. Rugby has come a long way since I started right here in Cayman and I can’t wait to see what levels these boys can take our nation to in the future.”

Justin Wight National XVs & VIIs Player & Districts Rugby Coach:
“For years rugby has provided me with many opportunities to travel the world, experience new cultures, and meet lifelong friends. The game itself demands a lot of you physically and mentally, making it one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played. Without my coaches and teammates, I wouldn’t have been able to have such a great experience in rugby. My job as a coach is to give back what others have given me.”

We also had certified referees from the referee’s society which volunteered their time to referee on game days.

Nicholas Fox Cayman Rugby Referee:
“It’s great to see so many young people and newcomers to the game already playing at such a high level and having a tremendous time. I hope that this is a tournament that will continue for many years to come.”

Over the course of the 4 tournaments, we had a total of 372 points scored through 10 matches. There were 37 different players who competed over the course of the 4 tournaments. The players ages ranged from 15-19 years old. 13 of the players have played in the men’s XVs league while 14 players currently play in the Maples Junior Programs and another 10 players were new to the sport. This is a terrific way to grow the game at grassroots level and allow for a good mix of experience to draw in fresh players. 

Edward Westin National XVs & VIIs Player & 
Youth Development Manager for Cayman Rugby: 
“Districts Rugby provides young athletes across Cayman a great opportunity to give rugby a try. The mix of experience on each team, makes for a great learning environment for newer players, while providing a fun but challenging game. Growing up playing rugby in Cayman, and being able to travel the world representing my country, has been such a privilege. It is great to see teammates giving back through coaching, and it is exciting to see the next generation coming through.”

In the future we will look to continue expanding our reach across Cayman providing increased opportunity for young aspiring athletes to get involved with the sport of rugby.

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