Cayman’s women rugby gets new sponsor

Women playing rugby under the Cayman Rugby Football Union will now have an extra boost, after the union announced Friday (July 9) that Tim Furey of Tradeview Markets made a financial commitment to help push women’s rugby in the Cayman Islands.

“Tradeview Markets strongly believes that rugby is empowers women and girls and we want to not only support the game on the pitch, but to help women in the sport grow on and off the pitch in Cayman,” stated in a press release.

The amount of funds was disclosed to the press. However, the union was able to hire Mercades Foy as the new full-time female rugby manager following the sponsorship.

“Women’s rugby is one of the fastest growing sports in the world,” the release stated. “This is also true here in Cayman Islands. There is really a position for everyone.  Smaller agile players make the perfect wingers, stronger and more powerful players have lots of fun at the forward positions, and a range of athletes find a fit and success playing as backs.”

The new sponsor will enhance camps and senior leagues with more equipment and enable the capabilities of more youth programs.

“The confidence and power developed through the sport help women to become unstoppable,” the release added. “We see the experience and incredible feeling of being part of a team build players up every day. The way women develop through rugby transcends the pitch and spills over into their social and working lives too” 

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