Jillian Crooks to become Cayman’s youngest Olympian

Caymanian swimmer Jillian Crooks is less than a month away from making history by becoming the youngest-ever Olympian from the Cayman Islands.

The 15-year-old, who currently holds over 40 national records received an invitation from the Olympic Games Tripartite Commission, which enables her to participate in the biggest multi-sporting event.

She was one of three athletes from the Cayman Islands who received the invitation for the Tokyo Games.

Crooks who trains alone with her brother Jordan under the guidance of Grant Fergusson, will compete in the 100 metre free. She currently holds the senior national record for that event with a time of 58.08 seconds.

Enroute to Tokyo, Crooks made a stop at the 2021 Bahamas National Swimming Championships where she registered several first places.

While Crooks chances of making the podium at this year’s Olympic Games seems highly unlikely, the swimming community should keep a close eye on the 15 year old, who is destine for greatness.

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