Cayman swimmers dominates at Bahamas national championships

Several swimmers from the Cayman Islands’ junior national swim team competed at the Bahamas Aquatics’ National Swimming Championships last week where they took 51 podium places.

Despite their winning performances, their places were marked as exhibitions and they were not awarded medals, as is the case in most national events – medals can only be awarded to athletes from that country. However, their times are valid and count as qualifying times for upcoming international meets.

“The lack of long course training and competing (in a 50m pool) had an impact on our swimmers,” said CIASA Vice-President Stephen Broadbelt. “This meet, while extremely challenging to organise, provided our swimmers with a significant challenge and much needed experience.”

Stand out performances were turned in by the recently announced, first-time Cayman Islands Olympian Jillian Crooks who won all of her races. James Allison and Harper Barrowman both achieved Junior PanAm ‘B Cut’ times during the event.

Cayman’s swimmer Jillian Crooks (lane four) set to start for the 50 metre backstroke event. Photos: CIASA

In the younger age groups, Sierrah Broadbelt, Luke Higgo, and Lev Fahy all made good in their national debut, racking up multiple wins and putting the rest of the region on notice for next year’s CARIFTA Swimming Championships.

Will Sellars and Lila Higgo had strong performances with multiple wins. Tate Marr swam a personal best in every race. Kathryn Lambert-Wragg swam in two of the winning relays, Jasmine Lamber-Wragg won a hard fought 3rd place in the 800m and Lauren Hew place second in both the 200m and 100m freestyle.

“We look forward to the rest of this year and the resumption, hopefully, of a normal competitive season when we are once again more easily able to travel – and it goes without saying that we continue to work closely with government on the development of a 50m pool which will allow Cayman to benefit from the many sports tourism opportunities which the sport of swimming will bring,” said Broadbelt.

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