Rohan Clarke named Cayman Cricket Development Manager

Cayman Cricket, the governing body for cricket in the Cayman Islands, has recently hired Rohan Clarke of Barbados, an experienced cricket coach and sports scientist as its new Cricket Development Manager.

Clarke will have responsibility for supervising and managing the overall cricket development programme, which will cover areas such as schools cricket development, women and girls’ development, coaching education and development, and working with all coaches and the key stakeholders including the Department of Sports and the Department of Education towards achieving the development and performance targets set by Cayman Cricket under its strategic development plan.

Apart from his cricket coaching certification, Mr Clarke holds a Master of Science degree in exercise and sports science, as well as certification in critical areas such as child protection and coaching theory. He also has experience working in the sports tourism sector in Barbados which Cayman Cricket regards as an important area for growth and development in the Cayman Islands.

According to Hector Robinson, President of Cayman Cricket, “Cayman Cricket is at a very important stage in the development of the game in the Cayman Islands. Following the disruptions in 2020 caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we restarted the development programme in 2021 and are making steady progress in the development of the game in the schools and for women and girls.

Rohan will be one of three new coaches being employed by Cayman Cricket with the specific objective of building out the game from the foundation up, increasing participation for boys, girls and women in particular, and creating a pathway for representing Cayman in international age group and senior competitions. Rohan will have overall responsibility for managing this programme under the supervision of the Board.”

Rohan Clarke commented as follows, “I am very excited and stoked at having the opportunity to contribute towards the development of Cricket in Cayman Islands. I must say how very grateful and appreciative I am for the opportunity afforded to me by Cayman Cricket’s Board in this new role for which I have been made aware of the challenges to Cricket Development in Cayman. As one who prides himself as a problem solver, I hope I can fully utilise my experience to meet these challenges and achieve the strategic objectives for the sport as set out by the Board.”

Cricket is one of the designated focus sports by the Cayman Islands government and in November 2020 Cayman Cricket entered into a new purchase agreement with the government with specific deliverables and targets in return for which the government will provide increased funding for the development of the game. Cayman Cricket also receives funding from the International Cricket Council (“ICC”) the amount of which is directly connected to a scorecard calculated on the basis of Cayman’s international ranking across 13 separate areas of development.

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