All Stars A continue their reign as league champions

The Cayman Islands Netball Association women open league championship finals was held at the John Gray Gymnasium on Saturday (June 29) with two separate championships on the line.

The first championship game was set in the Women Open Adult Plate Division between Socialites and Rising Stars B. The match was dominated by Socialites, who defeated Rising Stars B 45-26.

​​In the grand awaited championship finals between rivals All-Stars A and Rising Stars A; All Stars A barely defended their thrown winning by only a point.

​​Both teams had their moments during the game, but it was All Stars A in the end narrowly winning 53-52.

“Each team was determined to win the championship,” said CINA’s Secretary Norma Ferryman. “Rising Stars came in the lead for a short moment but All Stars took the lead again. Both teams played a very excellent game”


All Stars A has only lost one final in the club’s existence, with their single defeat being against Rising Stars A in 2019.

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