Tennis brothers face-off in exhibition match

On Friday May 7 th the tennis community was treated to an exhibition match between brothers Luke and Louis Quayor at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club.

The match was organised by the Cayman Islands Tennis Club and the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands.

Luke and Lois, who are from the UK, were training in Cayman whilst visiting family and whilst they were unable to compete on the international circuit due to Covid restrictions.

Luke is 19 years old and is a former Jamaican Junior Champion, which he won in 2016 when he was 15. He was ranked 600 in the world junior rankings when he was only 16, and ranked No. 14 in the UK in 2019. He was the winner of ITF Belfast 2018. Luke has beaten many notable players including Shintaro Mochizuki (2019 Wimbledon junior champion) in Cayman in 2017.

Louis is 18 years old and was the runner up in the Jamaican Junior National Championships when he was 14. He was consistently in the top 10 in every UK junior age group U12 thru U16 and was ranked No. 1000 in the world junior rankings when he was 15.

Both Luke and Louis are currently rated 1.1 in the UK, which is highest rating possible, and have both won matches at the Futures Level (the entry level of men’s professional tennis).

It was the younger brother Louis with the early break in the first set, and Luke was unable to break back, despite some close games, and Louis won the first set 6-3. Luke was the stronger player in the second set, and after breaking Louis he won the second set 6-4.

The brothers then played a third set 10 point tie break to decide who would be the winner of the match. The spectators at the tennis club were treated to a great display of tennis
skills and gamesmanship. Ultimately, it was the older brother Luke who won the match, winning the tiebreak 10-6.

Luke and Louis have now returned to the UK and are currently competing in the grass court circuit. The Cayman Islands Tennis Club and the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands thanks everyone for their support and wish Luke and Louis much success with their tennis careers.

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