Second round of the 2021 PwC Junior tournament hits off

Press release

It was another great weekend of tennis at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club February 27th to 28th, for the second round of the PwC Junior circuit.

The 10& Under played a round robin format, with Ava Pierre on highly consistent form to win all her matches and place first. Max Hoppe was second and Philip Begg-Smith placed third.

Liliana Goss won the 12& Under round robin with fantastic match play, newcomer Elias Drobac placed second and Aaron Rajamohan was third.

There were great competitive matches in the 14& Under, with Albert Berksoy ultimately placing first by beating Abi Andersen in the final. Charles Begg-Smith was third and Daniel Suico won the consolation draw.

The 18& Under division also highlighted excellent tennis skills of the players, and in an exciting final Zach Jackson defeated Jakub Neveril to win his first 18& Under title. Jay Jackson placed third and the consolation was won by George Zimmerman.

Following on from the singles, there were doubles matches for the 12& Under and 14& Under. This was entertaining for players and spectators alike.

In the 12& Under, mixed doubles partners Mico Samson and Ava Pierre won with creative
doubles play. The 14& Under doubles were won by Charles Begg-Smith and Albert Berksoy with some hard fought matches.

Tournament Director Alejandro Vial said he was pleased to see so many players register for the tournament and was impressed with the level of play from all players, and the sportsmanship they showed on and off the court.

The next tournament will be held at the Courts at the Ritz-Carlton from April 23rd to 25th. For more details contact the Tennis Federation of the Cayman Islands at

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