2021 women’s netball rally wraps up

The Cayman Islands Women netball circuit jumped into action over the weekend to open their season with a rally. Four women teams competed in eight game tournament, with All Stars A coming out the winners.  

“This is like the opener to the season,” said national netball head coach Lyneth Monteith. “So, this is like a warm-up for the teams. The games are seven minutes, so they are very short.” 

The league is set to begin this Thursday and Monteith is pleased to welcome some new additions.  

“We are really excited to have a new team in Roma Strikers this season,” said Monteith. “So that adds a lot more to the competition.” 

Rally results:

  • 1st – Allstars A
  • 2nd – Rising Star A
  • 3rd – Queens
  • 4th – Sky

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