Sister Islands gets full-time swimming coach

The Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports, Agriculture and Lands (MEYSAL) announces the
appointment of the first full-time swimming instructor assigned to Sister Islands Sports.
Minister of Sports Hon. Juliana O’Connor Connolly expressed her satisfaction with this significant development.

“The addition of a full-time swimming instructor to the Sister Islands Sports underscores the Ministry’s commitment to positively impacting the development of swimming as a sport throughout the Cayman Islands,” said O’Connor Connolly.

“It will also ensure that all swimmers have access to a safe and positive training and competition environment, allowing us to build on the foundation laid by Mr.
Michael Hundt over many years. I likewise look forward to the addition of a full-time female instructor, to fully equip Sister Islands Sports with the necessary staff to establish a well-needed adult swim programme that caters to both men and women.”

Sister Islands Sports Director Harold Sanford was equally optimistic as he welcomed the new swimming instructor.

Cayman Brac Sports Complex 25m swimming pool. Photo: CIASA

“I unreservedly welcome Mr. Bryce Gunning to Sister Island Sports,” said Sanford. “With him as part of our team we can begin to expand the Learn-to-Swim Programme (LSTP), create a Talent Development Programme called ‘White Tip’ for competitive swimmers and start hosting several swim meets annually in our new 25m pool.”

He also used the opportunity to express his gratitude to part-time coach Michael Hundt for his years of service. “Special thanks to Michael Hundt and his wife Susan, who have so faithfully coached the swim programme for many years. I look forward to your continued support, as we advance the sport of swimming in Cayman Brac.”

The new instructor, Mr. Bryce Gunning, who worked as a Swim Instructor Supervisor in
Vancouver, Canada, for the last decade, will lead the existing LTSP and create several others with Mr. Hundt’s assistance.

Mr. Gunning thanked the Ministry for this opportunity to lead the Sister Island Sports swim programmes. “There is a lot of talent on the Sister Islands and a large adult population that is interested in learning to swim. I thank the Ministry of EYSAL for the opportunity to lead this swimming programme and look forward to taking it to new heights,” said Gunning.

Mr. Gunning’s employment took effect on 12 January 2021.

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