Cayman’s Rugby Union raise funds for Greg Simcoe

The Cayman Rugby Football Union hosted a charity TAG rugby tournament last month with hopes of raising funds for Greg Simcoe. The event raised nearly two thousand dollars to help cover Simcoe’s medical expenses which he suffered after being hit by a car, while taking his dog for a walk in early December.

Simcoe, a PE teacher at Cayman International School is still recovering from multiple injuries but is said to be doing a lot better since the initial accident.

According to the Rugby Union, every year Simcoe brought multiple teams from CIS to compete in the Inter-Primary TAG rugby tournament, and the students “absolutely love it.”

Coach Greg Simcoe.

The union issued a press release stating; “with the suggestion and support of other PE teachers from various schools, Cayman Rugby decided to host this event as a fun way for the kids to show their support.”

Over 70 children registered for the tournament. They were divided into six mixed teams (Red, Green, Yellow, White, Blue, Black). The tournament used a round robin format, so each team played every other team once.

Two fields hosted the action simultaneously throughout the afternoon, and for this tournament tries scored by children aged nine or under counted as double points. 

“Everyone enjoyed the tournament and many tries were scored,” said the Union’s youth developer Edward Westin. “The team nicknamed “The All Blacks” after the New Zealand national team, went through the whole tournament undefeated, scoring quite a few double pointers from their speedy youngsters.”

The tournament featured children ages 7-12 test their skills against one another. Photo: Cayman Rugby Football Union

The union managed to raise $1,693 CI dollars which will be given to Cayman ARK, who currently has a community appeal set up for Simcoe on their website.

If you would like assist Simcoe during his road to recovery visit Appeal for Coach Greg (

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