Cayman’s Olympian Kemar Hyman returns to competition

Cayman Islands’ fastest man, Kemar Hyman, hit the track Saturday (16 January) afternoon to compete in his first official track meet in almost a year.

Hyman was the starting leg in a 4×100 mixed relay and despite giving his team an early lead, second place on the podium was the final result.

“We didn’t do much training for the exchanges but we still got to finish the race and that is what I’m most happy about,” Hyman told Cay 03 Sports after the race.

Tiffany Cole, first, Destiny Williams, second and Khensani Welcome, third, running the anchor leg on the 4x100m mixed relay.

As expected, Hyman got out to a good start, giving teammate Kareem Murray the lead which was kept through Jhanelle McLean on the third-leg. However, Destiny Williams was unable to hold first place on the fourth-leg as Speed Athletics’ Tiffany Cole closed the gap for a comeback win.

“Overall I really enjoyed the race,” said Hyman. “I really like the crowd coming out and it gave me a chance to blow out all that stuff I had in my body and showed me really where I’m at going into this year.”

The two time Olympian said the relay this past weekend was inspirational and he believes the sky is the limit for Cayman in major competitions.

“Hopefully we can get all the groups together and build an actual Cayman team,” said Hyman. “That would be one of my dreams before I retire.”

Kemar Hyman highlights

100 metres personal best: 9.95200 metres personal best: 20.73
Competed in 4 World ChampionshipsCompeted in 2 Olympic Games
2018 Commonwealth Games finalistCARIFTA Games silver medalist

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