Sanction lifted on Cayman’s track and field athletes

The North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association (NACAC) has lifted a ban that would have prevented Cayman’s athletes from competing in international meets, including the Olympics.

“The sanction has been lifted,” Cayman Islands Athletic Association (CIAA) President Lance Barnes told Cay 03 Sports. “The sanction was lifted in November last year. So we are once again able to participate in any NACAC events and that has been tremendous news for the athletes, coaches and parents.”

The news on the ban first came in July last year with details stating Cayman’s 2019 CARIFTA Local Organising Committee (LOC) owed funds to several countries’ athletics associations, which the LOC denied at the time.

Barnes said the CIAA had nothing to do with the scandal and that the issue lies between the LOC and NACAC.

“It was a discussion NACAC and the LOC had but after careful consideration and thinking about the whole situation, NACAC felt it wasn’t fair to the athletes to suffer punishment for something which wasn’t of their doing,” said Barnes.

According to Barnes, the LOC sent a report to NACAC, and is currently awaiting the results. However, in the meantime, Cayman athletes are able to compete at this year’s CARIFTA Games and otherwise.

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