Cayman National Boxer talks weight loss

Cayman’s undefeated national boxer Jaden Eccleston, 22, has dropped over 50 pounds since his amateur debut in July of 2019 where he fought as a Heavyweight. His training partner Christopher Hurlston, 19, also shares a similar cut, losing over 60 pounds within a year’s time.

“It’s been a good journey,” Eccleston told Cay 03 Sports. “All this weight loss came from me going to compete in Sugarburg (New York). At first, I was fighting in heavyweight and then coach insisted me to fight at light heavyweight instead and I said okay, maybe that’s the better decision to make.”

Eccleston has kept his perfect 4-0 record with three knockouts during his transitions through Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight. He says the next step is to compete in the middleweight division.

“Right now I’m trying to make 170, because if I go to 170 it’ll be an easy cut to make 165.”

At one point, Eccleston previously walked around at 230 pounds. However, today at 178 pounds, he says physically he has improved as a fighter.

“I was strong but I didn’t have any stamina, I only had power,” said Eccleston. “Now I have stamina and I still feel like I have the same power that I used to have but it’s better because I can run longer and I can do more on the bag.”

From left, Jaden Eccleston, Coach Floyd Trumpet and Christopher Hurlston.

National boxing head coach Floyd Trumpet isn’t necessarily strict when it comes to his athletes diet. As he believes hard work in the gym conquers all.

“I’m not too concerned with dieting,” said Trumpet. “However I tell them to uptake their protein by having more fish and lean meat but once you train hard you can eat anything. And these boys put in a lot of work twice a day; in the morning and in the evening.”

In addition, Hurlston credits coach Trumpet for his successful weight loss and overall fitness thus far.

“It was something that I wanted to do but my coach really pushed me to do it because I’m not the type of person that can train at my own will,” said Hurlston. “I don’t have enough self-motivation for that, I need my coach to push me and honestly I wouldn’t even come to training some days if it wasn’t for him, so I give thanks for that.”

Hurlston has yet to compete in a boxing match due to opponents withdrawing last minute or the Covid-19 pandemic taking several opportunities away. However, Trumpet says when that time comes, he will be confident in his athlete’s abilities.

“He is good, training really hard and is one of the most improved boxers,” said Trumpet. “Although he didn’t fight, I can say right now I’m not afraid to put him with any boxer in the Caribbean.”

As for Hurlston’s weight. “I want to keep his weight around 210 so when competition time comes around he can make 201,” said Trumpet.

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