All aboard for the Boyz 2 Men fishing trip

52 boys involved in the Cayman Islands Boyz 2 Men (B2M) programme received a special treat Saturday (28 November) morning; one described as a “beautiful atmosphere.”

“To see over 50 boys engaging in a fishing trip together and working harmoniously without any conflicts and everyone trying to catch a fish, it was a beautiful atmosphere,” said B2M founder Christopher Murray.

The boys along with B2M board members and volunteers arrived at the Cayman Islands Yacht Club to load a boat chartered by Captain Marvin’s Watersports. Outside of fishing, the boat also made a stop at Stingray City.

“This provides an avenue for the boys to vent and to find a sense of belonging,” said Murray. “Most of them have never been on a fishing trip before and to be able to have some educators here to provide that supervision, they all felt involved in something that was wholesome.”

The boys were also prompted to compete for $200 dollars in prizes, sponsored by Councillor to the Ministers of Sports, David Wight.

Teyric McField received $50 after catching the first fish of the day. Hashaun McKenzie reeled in a 14 inch snapper to earned himself the honours of the biggest fish and $50. Finally, Arnold Henriques took home $100 after catching 7 fish, which was the most on the day.

“When the first fish was caught, it was a good size fish and all the boys were rejoicing for that individual,” said Murray. “There after, others started catching until one was just surpassing everyone else, it was really, really good.”

52 boys from the Boyz 2 Men Programme turned out for the B2M 2020 fishing trip. Photos: Boyz 2 Men Programme

The trip was just one of many initiatives done by the programme this year and Murray said it was welcomed by the boys.

“One of the boys said to me; Mr. Murray let’s do this every Saturday and another boy said to me, I really needed this, so this was a really great time.”

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