All Stars wins the overall 2020 Cayman Islands Netball League

Expectations were exceeded after both All Stars A and All Stars B won their final games in the Cayman Islands Netball Association (CINA) League, Saturday (24 October) night at the John Gray High School Gymnasium.

“So we had our round robin for the season with eight teams playing off against each other,” CINA’s Lyneth Monteith told Cay 03 Sports. “After those games were played, the top four teams playoff for the championships and the bottom four played off for the plate division.”

Both All Star teams were untouchable throughout the season, not to mention most of their players representing at national level.

All Stars’ Alexis Carias on the ball during the finals against Rising Stars A. Photo: Lyneth Monteith

All Stars B defeated Rising Stars B 38-22 to win the Plate Division Championship. While All Stars A put on a dominant performance in their finale, winning by 28 points (59-31) against Rising Stars A.

“Post the pandemic on these islands, when sports was allowed to resume; the decision was taken to continue and complete the women’s league,” said Monteith. “This was the only league for the season due to the effects of the virus but it was an exciting season nonetheless.”

And as one season closes, the next looks open in short order according to Monteith, who said registration will begin in just a few weeks.

“Registration should begin at the end of November into December, and leagues such as ‘Fast Five’, the mixed league where the teams have men as well as women playing and then of course the open women’s league will be played in 2021.”

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