76 pound Tuna reeled in at Diff ‘N’ Dragg Shoutout

Last month’s Diff ‘N’ Dragg Shoutout fishing tournament saw anglers reeled in 620 pounds of Tuna and Wahoo combined. The biggest Tuna however, tipped the scale at 76Ibs and measured in at 49.5 inches (4’1 feet). The fish was caught by team Conched Out’s Samara Persaud.

Team Miss Essie won heaviest Wahoo at the 2020 Diff ‘N’ Dragg Shoutout. Photo: CAYMAN ISLANDS ANGLING CLUB

The big catch earned Conched Out the honours of Heaviest Yellowfin Tuna and a cash prize of $4,000.

In addition, Rolly Bodden from team Miss Essie, registered the biggest Wahoo during the tournament, weighing in at 51.8Ibs. Team Miss Essie also earned $4,000 for the heaviest Wahoo.

The honours of second heaviest Tuna went to team Outcast II, while Lil Hooker took second for heaviest Wahoo. Both teams won $2,000 each.

Full results

S. PersaudConched Out7649.5
D. EbanksOutcast II59.449
C. BarnettInfinity57.248
Heaviest Yellowfin Tuna
R. BoddenMiss Essie51.861
N. BinzLil Hooker33.854
E. AzanBlue Moon31.653
Heaviest Wahoo

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