“Slow” start for Bodden Town FC

The 2019-2020 league winners, Bodden Town Football Club has performed at a substandard level, tallying two draws and a loss during their last three games. The club currently sits in fourth place in the Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) Men’s Premier League, with a record of 2-2-1.

“There is a lot of football to be played because there is two rounds this season,” said Bodden Town head coach, Elbert McLean. “So we’re just having a slow start at the moment.”

Bodden Town won their first two matches of the season, beating Sunset 1-0 and then George Town 2-0. Since then, the BT boys earned two points, losing to Latinos 1-0, then drawing nil all with both Future and Elite.

4 Bodden Town FC52213128
Bodden Town Football Club stats following round 5 in the CIFA Men’s Premier League.

In comparison to last season, Bodden Town won their first five games; beating Elite 4-1, Latinos 1-0, Future 3-1, North Side 7-0 and Sunset 3-0.

However, McLean is positive he’ll get his team back to winning ways before the final whistle is blown for league. “It’s not the team that starts the race who wins, it’s the team that can endure the race till the end,” said McLean.

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