Larner announces cancer diagnosis

Cayman Islands national long distance coach Derek Larner took to social media Monday (19 October) evening and announced that he’d been recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma.

“Basically it’s an aggressive form of cancer and right now it’s probably stage four,” said Larner in his post.

Larner’s service to the Cayman Islands stretches over a decade and he recently added the Cayman Islands regiment to that list during it’s first recruitment this year.

However, his most recognised accolade comes within track and field, where he has coached some of the islands most successful athletes; past and present.

Earlier this month Larner suspected the possibility of his illness after being to the hospital for ongoing pain in his back and abdominal area.

While doctors found several tumors on Larner’s liver and pancreas at the time, he remained hopeful that they were benign.

“Now I know who I am in battle with,” said Larner. “Prior to this moment I didn’t know…but now I can be on to fight it, which means I can see the right people, get the right medicine and treatment.”

He went on to thank everyone for their consistent support. Larner will be travelling to Miami on Tuesday (20 October) alongside his wife and daughter with hopes of working with “quality” cancer centres within the United States.

Cay 03 Sports will continue to follow this story.

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