Cavan Gaels captures their second win

Cavan Gaels defeated Gabriels 4-10 to 4 points in the Cayman Islands Harneys Gaelic League Sunday (11 October) evening in what many considers a major upset.

Cavan Gaels entered the game at the bottom of the league standings, losing 7 of their 8 games played. Gabriels on the other hand came into the match as the former league leaders and had only loss 3 times.

Cavan Gaels’ Aengus Burke returned to the Cayman Islands following the reopening of the boarders, and waste little time making his presents known on the field, contributing several times to the scoreboard.

While the Gaels welcomed back one of their star players, Gabriels loss a couple of theirs. Shane Martin, Mike O’Connor and Conal Keane were absent during round 9 and the team clearly struggled getting the ball over the bar.

However, Chris Turrell rallied several times to get his team up the pitch with teammate Mike Scott also preventing the scoreline from extending, but their efforts wasn’t enough as the final whistle blew to give Cavan Gaels their second victory of the season.  

The league will resume Sunday (25 October) at the CIS school field in Camana Bay.

Harneys Gaelic League standings following round 8

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