Hurricane Delta leaves CIFA games on hiatus

The Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) President Alfredo Whittaker confirmed Tuesday (6 September) afternoon, that two league games have been postponed due to forecast.

“The matches were scheduled to play this week; Tuesday, and Wednesday but because of the tropical storm and hurricane warning that we had, CIFA decided to postpone those games for next week,” said Whittaker.

Though Cayman had been put on notice, Director General of Cayman’s National Weather Service John Tibbetts reassured the islands at a press briefing on Monday stating Cayman will be “spared significant impact” as tropical storm Delta at the time would likely drift west towards Cancún on its current path.

Both Bodden Town and East End football fields were in poor conditions due to heavy rainfall, leading to games being called off according to CIFA’s Alfredo Whittaker.

The storm turned into a category 4 hurricane as of Tuesday morning with maximum wind speeds at nearly 130 mph. However, with the natural disaster located nearly 140 miles off Cayman, the islands only experience brief showers.  

“Because we had such fortune with the storm passing away from us, the regular scheduling for games on the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will remain will remain as scheduled,” said Whittaker (referring to the round three matches).

East End United SC and Future SC will now play one another on Tuesday (13 September) in their postponed round two match. While Bodden Town FC B will face off against Scholars ISC B on Wednesday (14 September).

In addition here are the results from the round two games that were played.

Scholars ISC (5)Elite SC (1)
Bodden Town FC (2)George Town (0)
Latinos FC (2)Academy SC (1)
Sunset FC (1)Roma United SC (0)
East End United SC (TBP)Future SC (TBP)
CIFA Men’s Premier League round 2 results.
Alliance SC (5)Sunset FC B Team (1)
Elite SC B (4)Cayman Athletic (1)
Cayman Brac FC (3)Academy SC B (2)
Roma United B Team (2)Prospect Academy (1)
Bodden Town FC B (TBP)Scholars ISC B (TBP)
CIFA Men’s First Division League round 2 results.

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