Sunset scores an abundance of goals against Latinos

The Cayman Islands Football Association (CIFA) Women’s League started its campaign Sunday (27 September) evening with two schedule matches. The first being Scholars International against Roma Fusion followed by Sunset taking on Latinos.

However, it was the second game that shocked fans at Ed Bush Stadium after Sunset registered 16 goals to none. Sunset was the more experience team heading into the game with majority of their players competing at the national level.

It was evident that Latinos were in a game of pros vs amateurs. Sunset closed out the first half with 10 goals, not to mention the additional five goals that were scored but cancelled due to offside calls and also the seven saves made by Latinos’ keeper Tashane Anderson.

It seemed as though Sunset were lenient in their approach for the second half, mostly touching the ball around their opposition. Additionally, Sunset kept a near 80% possession rate for the entire game not allowing Latinos to shoot even once in the box.

The players on the spanish team left the field with visible disappoint in their expressions; surely not the result they expected in their first game of the season.  

Scholars’ goalkeeper Ashley Agurcia looks on during the match between her team and Roma Fusion Sunday night at the Ed Bush Stadium in West Bay.

On the other hand, the game between Scholars and Roma Fusion finished scoreless. Both teams had their moments when scoring seemed possible. However, defense was the name of the game with Scholars’ defender Kaela Ebanks intercepting several plays and Roma Fusion’s defender Deondra Kelly forcefully stopping Scholars’ strikers from scoring. The game ended 0-0.

Sunset scorersGS
Chloe Bentick4
Lauren Scott3
Kalie Ebanks2
Shayana Windsor2
Jenna Edwards2
Alexia Bromfield 1
Riley Doyle1
Ashlyn Evans1

Scholars will get their chance to take a crack at Latinos in round 2, while 2019-2020 league champions Elite will return to take on Roma Fusion. Sunset will sit out for round 2 but will resume play against Scholars in round 3 of the CIFA Women’s league.

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