Bodden Town FC donates football boots to school students

15 students from the Theoline L McCoy Primary School (Bodden Town Primary School) recently received their own pair of football shoes courtesy Bodden Town Football Club.

Bodden Town primary ballers train for the first time in their new football shoes.

“We donated some boots for the primary school players,” said Bodden Town FC’s head coach Elbert Mclean.

It was a donation appreciated by student Micheal Connor, who said he has never been gifted a pair of football boots before.

“It feels good,” said Connor. “I never had one of these before. Some people don’t have [any because] they can’t afford football boots because they’re expensive, that’s why coach Elbert gave them out.”

Coach Elbert Mclean and assistant coach Charlo Mclean with 15 students from the Bodden Town primary after-school football programme.

Bodden Town FC has been in partnership with the school for the past 20 years through its football after-school programme. Coach Mclean says he expects many of the youngsters to join the ranks of the CIFA premier league one day.

“This is how Bodden Town FC men’s team was built; they all started from this program,” said Mclean. “I think it’s very important for the club to show that our focus isn’t only on the senior footballers but also on the youth because this is our future and we have to put emphasis on these.”

Bodden Town East MLA Hon. Dwayne Seymour welcomed the generosity from his home team. “It is so important to show our children the act of kindness from a very young age,” said Seymour.  “Our responsibility as citizens [is] to give back to the community; I applaud this thoughtful act of our BT Football club.”

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