Scholars’ scores late to win the Women President’s Cup

Both women and men teams under Scholars International Sports Club competed in the finals of the Cayman Islands Football Association President’s Cup but it was the women team that prevailed with a win for the Scholars brand.

Going into the match, Scholars were counted out but remained unfazed by the predictions and defeated Elite 2-1 Sunday (23 August) evening at the Annex in George Town.

Elite’s Tamoy Phillips scored in the 10th minute, giving her team the lead heading into the second half. Surely Elite had the momentum but Scholars’ Tatiana Ramoon took a high risk shot that payed off in the 64th minute, after she scored a header to even the game.

“I don’t remember the last time I scored a header so that was very satisfying,” said Ramoon after the match.

Both teams were struggling with cardio and visibly slowing down just before the 90-minute mark. However, Scholars’ Kessie McCoy caught a second wind and fired a powerful shot outside the box that flew across the keeper and into the net during added time.

Following the match, players lite sky lanterns to honour former football coach Gonzalo McLaughlin.

“We knew it was going to be hard,” Ramoon added. “Honestly we put in as much effort as we can and it took us awhile to get on our feet but in the second half, after a good talk from coach and some water, we were able to come back and score the two goals.”

While the Scholars’ players celebrated their victory after the game; they also took time to remember the late Gonzalo McLaughlin with sky lanterns.

In addition, Elite was officially awarded with the CIFA Women’s League trophy on the same night.

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