Walton leaves a firm message for the Cayman Islands Athletic Association

Caymanian sprinter Jamal Walton made it clear that he is unhappy with the controversy surrounding the Cayman Islands Athletic Association (CIAA).

“I’m speechless really,” said Walton via a WhatsApp message. Last month the CIAA issued a press release claiming the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association sanctioned a banned on competition for Cayman’s track and fielders due to unpaid funds by the 2019 CARIFTA local organising committee (LOC).

The LOC responded to those claims days after saying they ensured all financial obligations for the Games were met. They added; “we are not in a position to comment on the accuracy of the details in the public domain including the grounds for the sanction.”

In the midst of confusion, Walton, a 2-time Pan American gold medalist and World Championship semi-finalist, joins Kemar Hyman and Alex Pascal in urging the CIAA to set the record straight ahead of the 2021 Olympic Games.

“Cayman just needs to get their things together if they want to see a gold medal from the Olympics next year, that’s all,” said Walton. “[I am] not coming at them, just disappointed but I believe that they will get everything situated.”

No further details have been provided from the CIAA or the LOC on the matter.

Shortlist of Walton’s accomplishments
2014 Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships (U18) gold medalist
2015 Pan American Junior Championships gold medalist
2015 Commonwealth Youth Games silver medalist
2014 CARIFTA bronze medal, 2016 CARIFTA silver medal, 2017 CARIFTA silver and gold medalist
2017 Pan American U20 Championships gold medalist
2017 IAAF World Championship semi-finalist
Fastest NCAA 400 metre relay in 2020 (ran under Texas A&M University) Time: 3:02.77

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