Coach Seymour stands for equality

Following the death of African American George Floyd, there has been millions of people protesting worldwide for equality, focusing on the “Black Lives Matter” movement. Academy Football Club longest serving youth coach, Virgil Seymour bares a heavy heart following the execution of Floyd after Derek Chauvin, a white police officer, knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

The former Cayman Islands national team and club player said in an ESM article, the state that Floyd was murdered in has it’s faults but added Cayman is guilty of the same issues.

“I am hurting with you Minneapolis,” said Seymour. “I stand in support of peaceful protest against racism. Racism is real, it permeates your country and it permeates mine. The courage of your people to stand up against injustice has resonated in Cayman and ignited conversations long overdue. To my Cayman community. Racism and classism is alive and thriving in Cayman. I see it every day in the inequitable distribution of opportunities.”⁣

Seymour says he uses football to get the message of equality through to the players.

Protesters continue to spread the message of equality across the globe.

“The sport of football means everything to me,” said Seymour. “ESM and Academy are committed to being a safe place for families of all colours, backgrounds, abilities and economics.⁣ I have always tried my best to stand for equality, and have worked to create a football community that provides opportunity for players of all colours, nationalities and economic backgrounds.⁣”

“I usually have to be dragged towards change, and it usually requires someone I trust being brutally honest with me. Honesty is important now and examining our beliefs about race and class requires the courage of our friends in Minneapolis.⁣ For 10 years the USA Cup and the people of Minnesota have welcomed teams from Cayman to the most exciting football experience ever.”⁣

Seymour went on to say that he is keeping Minneapolis, Minnesota, the city where George Floyd was murdered in his prayers and applauds the peaceful protesters rallying for a greater cause.

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